On-Site Massage

event 1On-Site Massage brings the following treatments to workplaces / events / day centres.

You can choose from following :-

 Back, Neck & Shoulders, Hand & Arm, Foot & Leg, Indian Head Massage, Facials

 You can choose a half or a full day, or just book an hourly rate. Duration of each treatment will be discussed at time of enquiry.

It's easy to arrange with minimal disruption and is cost effective and great for health & well being.

It is also a really nice ‘thank you’ from a boss for staff who have worked just that bit above and beyond the call of duty.

Long hours and tight deadlines can leave staff drained. This is an excellent way of relieving some of that pressure and thanking them for their hard work. Office massage is considered a great perk by staff and its cost effective when compared to other benefits

 Christmas or Birthday Treat -A healthy alternative to a bottle of wine or chocolates!

 Staff Incentive - Again a healthy option for your next staff incentive promotion.

 Gift Vouchers - Can be used for individuals, teams or even your clients as a unique and thoughtful way of saying thanks.

 Team Events / Staff Fun Days / Corporate Promotions - Make your next event special. Office massage can give you an edge when recruiting staff so call me today.

 On-Site Massage Benefits... 

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Create a great workplace which boosts morale
  • Improve employee focus & productivity
  • Lower recruitment costs through better staff retention
  • Reduce stress related absences
  • A nice treat at an event


Hourly Rate - £45

Half Day - contact me for details

Full Day - contact me for details/

Discounts available for block bookings.