Hand & Arm Massage or Foot & Leg Massage- £15

A relaxing massage leaving the skin smooth and feeeling nourished, which can help circulation and movement.

Luxury Hand or Foot Treatment - £25

Refresh and renew with this wonderfully relaxing, soothing and hydrating treatment.

Includes an aromatherapy hand or foot massage, a moisturising soak, a sumptuous scrub, a rich mask and finally a luxurious rich cream – to restore moisture leaving them feel velvety soft and silky smooth.


Indian Head Massage has been an important part of Indian life for over four thousand years.

This treatrment covers the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face. .

It becomes in effect a de-stressing programme for the whole body and thus eliminates toxins from tense knotted muscles, relieves stiffness and improves lymph and blood circulation. Indian head massage also works on areas affected by mental and emotional stress and can bring immediate relief. It also improves circulation in the head and enhances your senses, improves memory and promotes clear thinking. This type of massage induces a sense of calmness, tranquility and releases anxieties. It helps to improve concentration and alertness, relieves mental and physical tiredness, edginess and depression. Treatment can be given dry without oils and fully clothed however it is more beneficial with the use of oils. Once finished this massage will give you a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Just some of the main benefits:

Helps deal with scalp problems

Relieves migraines and headaches

Increases concentration

Improves the memory

Aids in the removal of toxins and lymphatic circulation

Relieves sinusitis

Relieves eye strain

Boosts the immune system

Can help restores joint range of movements

Improves the quality of sleep

Gives and overall sense of wellbeing, calmness

Releases anxieties